After the first hour or so, you will start LOVING Andromeda

Finally: Mass Effect: Andromeda. TLDR: Don’t let reviewers who have seen the first 3 levels of the game tell you what to think. I have been nervous. The ‘reboot’ of one of the best franchises of all time has been coming soon™ for two years now. Seeing the first cinematic trailer via video feed from E3 sent shivers down my spine. Like everyone else, I’ve been excited and nervous and scared and excited for a[…]

Evening in the morning

Familiar? Sure – but still new and awesome

“We could change this whole world with a piano Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go I’m just a boy with a one man show No university no degree but lord knows Everybody’s talking about exponential growth And the stock market crashing and their portfolios While I’ll be sitting here with a song that I wrote Saying love could change the world in a moment But what do I know?”[…]