Ten years ago, I went into my local electronics store in Adelaide, South Australia, and bought myself a new Logitech G5.   The experience was … interesting. You need to read the original post to see all the detail and awkwardness.
But in the interest of the TLDR crowd, I’ll summarize:
I went into the store as a 35 (fudge the details a little for me) year old woman looking for a new gaming mouse for ME.
The sales assistant very obviously assumed it was for my son or something. He exclaimed that ‘he would enjoy it very much’ or some such claptrap.
I’d like to think the world is different 10 years on. In many ways, it has improved. At LAX, the African American 20 something (?) TSA agent greeted me with a “Welcome Commander Shephard’ as I went through the scanner in my N7 t-shirt. Three days later, a Best buy employee* bellowed out a lusty “For the Horde” in response to my awesome Horde t-shirt.
But I still hear stories where people just don’t think women, middle aged and all, are ‘gamers’.
Meh. Baby steps.
Of course my two offspring are young men now:
My heart!
*Maybe one day I’ll go into why I actually stepped into a bricks and mortar electronics store, but I don’t have the strength today.

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